The Streatham Business Awards – all in it together


©Susanne Hakuba

We went to the Streatham Business Awards last week, and we were delighted to chosen as Highly Commended in our category – “Best Small Entrepreneur”. We don’t really see ourselves in that light, but it was the closest thing to an award for business like ours in an awards ceremony originally designed to perk up our High Road and so dominated by prizes for retailers.

But that isn’t to carp – we were delighted, and rather proud, to be recognised and it was a great night. We got to spend some time with old friends and new and got to see the growing range of small businesses making an impact in Streatham.

It’s those small businesses that we feel the affinity with and it was great to see them coming together to celebrate and collaborate, making new connections and renewing old friendships. It was a lovely reminder that Streatham is getting a new vibe of growing, often family-based, businesses. This is no hip new Shoreditch (there’s enough of them) – most of those we came across were as happy to talk about schools and babysitters as they were about making business connections. The atmosphere, therefore, was not one of cut-throat competition, but of people all in the same boat, working together (during family-friendly hours) to make Streatham a place where businesses and new ideas thrive.

And we’re getting there…