Spring is the season for sport-related injuries


It’s been a long, wet winter and you’ve been aching to get out and exercise. You’ve had cabin fever and long to pull on the trainers and put some miles into your legs, or pull on the boots and start playing again.

And that’ll be the sound of your body rebelling in protest and something fundamental going wrong. There are two peaks for sport and running-related injuries – the January New Year’s Resolution peak and the spring-after-a-long-winter spike. This year, it’s likely to be particularly bad – it’s seems to have been months since the clouds lifted and the ground has been recognisable as solid rather than liquid. Sporty-types have been champing at the bit.

So A+E departments in hospitals around the country will have seen a big rise in the number of people sitting glumly in muddy kit on plastic chairs. Runners crank up their mileage too quickly (especially with marathons coming up), footballers make clumsy tackles or turn awkwardly because they remember they had the conditioning to get those moves right last time (four months ago), and gym members who couldn’t even face the rainy trip to the warmth will lift heavier weights than they can manage.

So joints, muscles, cartilages, ligaments and bones take a hit.

There’s one main piece of advice to offer: take it easy, slow down and recognise your limitations.

But if you do find yourself with sports related issues, then osteopathy can help.

Sports-related problems are almost always mechanical and we can help, by making sure that all the elements of the musculo-skeletal system work together and making ensuring that the whole mechanism is adapted to the strains you are putting on it.

We can identify the causes of dysfunction and then treat the problems that occur due to wear-and-tear, poor posture, injury or stress. We would examine and treat, and may suggest exercises or changes to lifestyle, all of which will is aimed at improving the musculo-skeletal system so that it and other systems can all function together at peak efficiency.

So if you do fall foul of spring fever, give us a call and we can offer advice or help.