Your visit

Streatham Village Osteopaths - your visit

Streatham Village Osteopaths – your visit

Your first consultation will last up to 45 minutes, during which time the osteopath will ask lots of questions about your medical history, and that of your family, and any previous instances of the problems you’re having and how they were dealt with in the past.

In some cases, osteopathy won’t be the long-term answer – one or two treatments might ease the problem to the extent that it is then better dealt with by management of your condition by other means. It can be one (or two) of a number of things – exercise, physiotherapy, Pilates, Alexander technique…

For the physical examination you will usually be asked to undress down to your underclothes, if appropriate. If you feel uncomfortable with this then we may get away with your wearing loose fitting clothes – either way we understand that your dignity is important. We are very happy for you to bring along a relative or friend as a chaperone, if this helps you relax. For any patients under the age of 14, a relative MUST be present throughout all consultations and treatments.

The physical examination is made up of observation of posture and movement and, with the use of my hands, we perform a gentle passive examination. At this point, we explain my findings and the most appropriate form of treatment.

We would then employ a wide range of gentle, safe, non-invasive, manual techniques such as deep tissue massage,  spinal manipulation, functional techniques or any of a range of osteopathic techniques.

We might also advise on exercise, posture or diet. X-rays are occasionally used to aid diagnosis.

We will always explain each part of the treatment and we will chat about what steps we would recommend you take next but if you have questions, you only have to ask.